Our Laser Tag Arena will be closed for renovations until September 2022 when we’ll unveil an exhilarating new laser based horror survival experience just in time for haunt season. If you already have a game or party booked in our arena, have no fear…we’ll of course be honoring all existing bookings, but we will not be accepting any additional bookings as we prep the arena for this exciting new adventure.

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Due to the Coronavirus global pandemic, we have implemented some new procedures. Please visit our COVID-19 page to learn more about what we are doing to keep you and our employees safe.

Netherworld Laser Adventure is committed to providing both a fun and safe outdoor experience for you and your private group. We are now accommodating smaller groups and providing 2 different play options!

NETHERWORLD Laser Adventure Battle Arena is a new attraction located at NETHERWORLD Haunted House featuring advanced Laser Tag Battle rifles and a complex themed outdoor arena full of mazes, forts and interactive elements designed to pull you into the game!

The Battle Arena is the perfect venue for birthday parties, team building and anyone who wants an exciting laser tag adventure unlike any other! The venue will be open every weekend and available for special events 7 days a week with special advanced bookings.

Battle Rifle Pro

The Battle Rifle Pro 22.5 inches long and made of a nylon reinforced fiberglass polymer that is extremely durable yet light weight (2.4 lbs.), making it easily handled by all players.  It comes fitted with a rubber hand grip for maximized comfort and a rubber tip for safety. A rail along the top features a red dot scope helps players to make precision shots. A visual health indicator located on the side of the barrel allows players to quickly see the status of their current health. Teams are sorted by the color of the LEDS on the weapon. Players will each be issued one of these weapons along with a WIFI connected headband before they enter the Battle Arena.